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#justiceforsense8 : How you can help!

#justiceforsense8 : How you can help!

In a abrupt way, Netflix cancelled the Wachowski’s tv series, without clarifying anything with the thousands fans spreaded around the world.

Those things happen, everything has an ending. And that is what we are talking about: Sense8 hadn’t become to an ending. It is disrespectful with its fans, and all subscribers  of the service, and as we are talking about an original Netflix tv series, things get worse. Is it really that way, that yours well commented series are treated??A huge production, like Sense8, that break stereotypes and unite tribes. There are few productions that brings diversity, and none does it like Sense8. This unique form conquered a lot of fans, all around the world.

Read this text, from Hugo Vinicius, that explains a little better the importance of the Tv series:

Sense8, from Netflix is a Tv series that has a clear source. Anyone that knows a little about the history life of the sisters Lana e Lilly Wachowski can understand it as an explosion of references of what both think and are – I could develop the entire test without even talking about they being transgender. Actually I will do it. But before I will explain in one paragraph who they are, to those who don’t know what I am talking about. The Wachowski sisters had become famous e respected on the entire world and the movie industry in 1999, with the first movie Matrix. By that time, they were brothers Wachowski, and from there to now days, besides making a revolution on Hollywood and influence an entire generation of filmmakers, that also had come out as Transgender Women. Done. Now lets go to Sense8.

The first season on Netflix, was a phenomenon. The history, which is really complicated, evolved eight people in different parts of the globe connected by a super interesting psychic, however, without any explanation, and a chocking sensuality it has gain a lot of fans. In an era after Rome and Game of Thrones (both of HBO channel), the foreign public almost don’t often get chocked  with nudity scenes or orgy, but Sense8 took this concept way more further. Even though, what  won the public in the first season are the eight stories very well structured, each one building a lot of empathy  with the watchers, all the characters are interesting and we all would like to meet them in a party at the weekend . During the two years, while we were waiting for the second season, I confess that I was fearful. All the promotional material and pictures released showed the characters in a sexual/homosexual context. Not that this was a problem, but I feared that if by its second year they lost the sense of fighting for something, and lost what makes it so special, the simple way that the differences are showed, between us, humans. Productions like The Normal Heart ou Looking ( HBO) are great and important, but the big steep of Sense8 was to aboard points that annoys a lot of people – racism, religion express, drugs, transgender, homosexual and corruption of corporations, are some examples – in the most ordinary way.Ever when the most reactionary watcher realize the representatively, he was already involved  with the story. Point to the Wachowskis! I was wrong, and this couldn’t be better. The second season goes deeply inside the mythology, while diving in another important area to the creators: the science fiction. Without noticing – again –  we are discussing the destruction human nature e mixing with ethic, science and philosophy to do so. So who remembered Matrix? Well there it is!

What the Netflix production do in a wright way is take us to know their characters, that are a lot different between them-self, and know their dramas as blacks, gays, trans, chemical dependency, poor, rich, religious, politics, policemen, convict… as people. The message that is passed thought is that the men often hates what is different, what he don’t know, so, when you make us close of each and single sensates, you try to make us stop hatting what is different from us. Without victimizing any category, in a subtle way it make us think before pointing fingers, because the bigger service to the fight of representative for the small groups we have there. Despite it is showed as a different species, the sensates are humans and they recognize them-selfs as it.

It doesn’t matter their differences they are one, just the way we should be. At some point of the serie a new character say that the humans are capable of wonderful things when they are not feeling threated, but they react with atrocities to the smallest feeling of insecurity. If we are really that way, the serie show us that there is nothing to fear about the unknown, it is the opposite. What make us talk in the episodes about comprehension and acceptance, leaving a lt of times things like this, to talk about scientific fiction – when the real point is the relevance of those points to a bigger story […] So for all of that I can say that Sense8 is just like that soon, which his parents we recognize just by looking for the children’s face. It brings on your DNA all the philosophy e futurism that the Wachowski like discussing since Matrix. And there are still, some of exciting martial arts to remind us of the Japanese influence that they have and that dialogs with self-known and collective known, lessons that they learned and now are spreading to the world.

Sense 8 deserves the shine that it does very well, with the main point of making, one day, the things that we are worried to talk about make no longer any noise.

Hugo Vinicius Pereira, 22 years.

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